Choosing A Unique Thesis Proposal

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Choosing a distinctive dissertation topic is a time-consuming and crucial task. If you get it right, you'll enjoy writing this important piece of work and be well on your way to a good score. Rushing into a title just because it flows well or appears distinctive, on the other hand, can lead to a lackluster essay and many sleepless nights.

1. Select a topic that you find interesting

The first step in choosing your dissertation topic is to select a subject that you will derive pleasure or benefits from writing about. It is your research paper, so you should determine the nature of the research involved. This does not mean that you must come up with a topic that you know everything about but rather one in which you can make meaningful contributions from your perspective as a student.

2. Select a topic that you can develop into an essay

Once you have selected a topic, your second task is to analyze whether it will provide enough material for an interesting and comprehensive dissertation. To do this, ask yourself whether there are any limitations to the subject matter. For example, is it possible to combine this with other topics, or would it make an excellent independent study?Do not be afraid to examine your topic in greater depth. If you take the time to do this, you will discover that you can write on a larger variety of subjects than you might currently think.

3. Find a topic that you can write about from a different perspective

It is not enough to select a topic that you find interesting; you must find out one to make the contributions required. The key to doing this is to avoid making your dissertation an essay on someone else's work or theory. This is not only imitative but will also limit your ideas, as such essays often appear overly similar to much more familiar ideas. If you take the time to do some research and think about how another writer might approach the subject in question, it may be possible for you to develop an original point of view on your topic.

4. Find a topic that will keep you interested

The final task in choosing a dissertation is to make sure that your final choice will be one that you can sustain. If you find yourself bored with the topic after researching it or writing about it for a short period, then there is little chance that you will finish off the entire dissertation and pass. Instead, take your time to analyze your topic thoroughly and develop an approach before deciding on the subject. This may seem tedious, but it may spare you many sleepless nights when you find yourself struggling to work up enthusiasm for what should be an interesting topic!

5. Ask for advice from your tutor

Finally, do not be afraid to ask your dissertation tutor for advice on your topic. They will tell you whether the topic is suitable and will also be capable of helping you develop a modified thesis idea if necessary. If the tutor feels that you have a good understanding of the background and methodologies involved in writing about your subject, they may suggest that you investigate it further. This may mean developing some of your ideas more fully or considering how they would apply to other bodies of work.


The key to writing an interesting and well-structured dissertation is finding a topic that you find interesting and can develop into a coherent essay. Selecting a topic that will keep you interested from beginning to end is the single most important factor in producing a good quality essay.

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